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Orthopedic Care: Hand & Wrist Injuries


Our hands and wrists are veritable hotbeds of activity: four hand bones, two arm bones and a whole host of tendons, muscles and ligaments. Any of those elements can cause pain if they're misaligned or otherwise compromised, and the discomfort could range from a minor ache with movement to severe pain that doesn't stop. Pay special attention to the specific areas that hurt and how that pain presents itself; those minor differences could go a long way when it comes to accurately diagnosing the issue. The Hand Surgeons at TOCA have received specialized additional training in the treatment of hand problems beyond their board certified specialty training in orthopaedic or plastic surgery.

When Should I Visit a Phoenix Hand and Wrist Specialist?

If your pain doesn't let up after a day or two, it's usually wise to consult an orthopedic professional. Even minor injuries can lead to long-term conditions if they're not treated early, and only a trained specialist can determine what's really happening beneath the surface.


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