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Orthopedic Care: Hip Injuries


Hip-related pain is one of the most debilitating injuries. Our hips help to control every step that we take, so it can be especially problematic to lose the fluid, normal functions we often take for granted.

What does hip pain feel like? It depends on the specific condition, but you might experience a reduced range of motion, movement-related popping sounds, general weakness or a persistent ache that radiates into your legs or lower back. Groin and gluteal pain can sometimes be related to hip issues as well.

When Should I Visit a Phoenix Hip Specialist?

If your hip pain is minor and very clearly related to a small injury, you're likely okay to wait a few days before making an appointment. Give us a call as soon as possible, however, if you experience any of the following:

  • Any signs of physical deformity
  • Persistently reduced range of motion
  • An inability to put weight on the hip
  • Pain that is severe and doesn't improve with rest
  • Pain that improves with rest but doesn't go away after a few days
  • Swelling, tenderness or warmth

TOCA's orthopedic experts are always on hand to diagnose your pain and correct the problem. Schedule an appointment today.

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