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Orthopedic Care: Knee Injuries

What could be causing my Knee pain?

Issues related to injuries and overuse are incredibly common – twists, falls and repetitive stress make up a large part of the knee problems we diagnose. However, your pain might result from disorders like:


If your leg were a Broadway production, the knee would be its shining star. This joint bears more weight than any of the others in your body, and it's a major player when it comes to walking, running and even standing.

Of course, it's also vulnerable to a variety of disorders and injuries, and each presents with a slightly different type of pain. You might feel discomfort when you walk or kneel, or the pain might radiate into your lower leg. The aches could even hover near the back of your knee rather than the more prominent part of the joint.

When Should I Visit a Phoenix Knee Specialist?

Knee pain isn't something to wait out. If the aches don't respond to self-care tactics and you're experiencing difficulties with walking or movement, schedule an appointment with a TOCA specialist as soon as possible. After all, pain doesn't have to be a way of life; our physicians will determine the root of the issue and use innovative techniques to treat both cause and symptom.


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