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Orthopedic Care: Sports Medicine


What Is Sports Medicine?

You have to be fit to play your game. Sports medicine focuses on the processes that keep your body at peak condition: performance, recovery and prevention. From physical therapy to orthopedic surgery, our sports specialists use a variety of techniques to help you bounce back from an injury or prevent a new one from happening. Trust us: We'll get you back on the pitch, court or field as quickly as possible.

What Do You Treat?

The sports physicians at TOCA cover a wide range of conditions and disorders. Knee injuries, ligament and tendon tears, stress fractures and shin splits are just the beginning; we also deal with osteonecrosis, ACL injuries, tibia shaft fractures and meniscal tears. If it affects your game, it's our business.


The choice of primary care physicians and performance athletes, TOCA is Arizona's first and foremost orthopedic group. Every patient receives one-on-one dedicated attention from an expert in the specific orthopedic field your case requires. This results in faster recoveries and more pain-free active lives. Our mission is simple: We get you back to your life. Our promise: Recovery. Results. Relief. With our passion for comprehensive care and innovative techniques, we are able to provide quality services to athletes from all walks of life. This is why the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury and Arizona State University turn to TOCA when they need team physicians and surgeons. Learn more by giving us a call or scheduling an appointment today.


Our Experts In Sports Medicine: Quality Care From People Who Care.

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